Industrial Focus Group

The PaaSword consortium is introducing the Cloud Security Industrial Focus Group (CS-IFG). CS-IFG is a special community within the project with a shared interest in advancing specific areas of PaaSword. The community takes part in focused activities carried out within the project duration that include communication, participation and organization of meetings related to the project areas of interest. This means that the CS-IFG is one of the first communities to learn about the results of PaaSword. The CS-IFG is also capable to affect the set of requirements that the technologies employed and developed within PaaSword will cover.

Interested in joining?

Please complete the registration form on this page and send the signed PaaSword NDA with an e-mail to or fax it to +30 210 6859166. Or just contact the CS-IFG manager or the project coordinator or one of the partners you might be in contact with.

You’ll directly receive information about PaaSword with privileged and early access. You’ll have the opportunity to affect the outcome of PaaSword, unique opportunities of networking with leading companies and research institutes in many of our community-oriented events that we will set up around Europe.

Are you already a member? Go to the CS-IFG member area!

Why might you be interested in joining PaaSword’s CS-IFG?

Interested organizations and individuals from different areas and sectors can join the CS-IFG. The CS-IFG is an open community and actively invites other institutions and individuals to join.

As an end-user SME, adopting PaaSword results.

You are one of the main beneficiaries of the results from PaaSword project. There are 19 million SMEs within Europe, representing 99.8% of all registered businesses, and the economy depends upon their contribution to wealth creation and employment. Valuable business benefits cannot be unlocked without addressing the recent security challenges posed by Cloud Computing. PaaSword aims at fortifying the trust of individuals and corporate customers in Cloud-enabled services and applications. You will have the opportunity to try out innovative solutions to inspire your own further developments, influence the usefulness of the PaaSword’s framework, and support your own Cloud security and privacy related activities.

As a contributor, software development company, providing source code built on top of PaaSword.

PaaSword’s goal is to support developers of Cloud applications through code annotation techniques that allow specifying an appropriate level of protection for the application’s data. This core architecture will be released as an open source framework which you will be able to exploit and extend with your commercial business modules to produce your own secure business-specific and customized solutions. Individuals or companies can be contributors in expanding PaaSword and built on top new solutions taking advantage of this open initiative.

As an expert practitioner or researcher in the Cloud Security area, follow PaaSword’s activities and progress.

PaaSword intends to extend the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud security principles, by capitalizing on recent innovations in virtual database middleware technologies that introduce a scalable secure Cloud database abstraction layer with sophisticated data distribution and encryption methods. As a researcher or expert, you will be able to follow our activities and progress in all these areas, collaborate with us on specific research topics, complement own professional and research activities and provide us with useful and respected feedback or contribution to the research conducted within the PaaSword project.

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